Overcome Social Anxiety and Find Your Voice

Social anxiety disorder (SAD), also known as social phobia, is characterized by intense anxiety in social situations causing considerable distress and impaired ability to function in at least some parts of daily life. These situations may involve scrutiny or judgment by others... Read More
The founders of Find Your Voice are motivated by a truth that at first seems perplexing: SAD is debilitating, prevalent, and treatable -- yet often goes untreated. It is because our founders themselves suffered from severe social anxiety, and have been often frustrated by attempts to get others to understand, that the mystery begins to unravel... Read More
Recovery starts with willingness. People generally find success in their recovery when they embrace an attitude of willingness. This attitude entails... Read More
There are many paths to recovery. Each of these paths, individually, has the potential to help you to overcome social anxiety. Used in concert, they have a synergistic effect... Read More
Helping others could be the key to helping yourself! Volunteering for a cause that's important to you has many benefits... Read More

SAD Symptoms
Do you have social anxiety disorder?
  • Intense anxiety in social situations
  • Avoidance of situations in which you might be the center of attention or may be judged
  • Fear of interacting with strangers
  • Worrying about embarrassing or humiliating yourself
  • Difficulty making eye contact

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